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The last barrier by GeiYin
Lalli by CeceLameQueen
Stupid useless thing... by frostykittyzem
Magical Child by Talimee
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The Years of Silence and Magic: SSSS Year 90 by mdc01957
Secret Santa Gift 2016 (Ana Nymus) by LuthNightbreeze
Art Style Swap w/ Kat Sohma by LuthNightbreeze
Closeup - aRTD - Brighter than a shooting star by LuthNightbreeze
2015 Contest
Lalli smelles cookies by frenciDA
Neko-tank! (SSSS / Totoro crossover) by mursen
Fearless Squad Leader by SigridMarie
Into the unknown 2 by etebalfana
SSSSona Complete by LuthNightbreeze
Gwenno Vedbackken by pinearts
Party Time by pinearts
Ana by pinearts
Noir Contest 2014
Envy is a deadly sin by Sasiadragon
Hannu and Ville mini-comic by Khatoolah
Hannu and Ville Noir by PencilAbadeer
searching for the culprit? (aRTD fanart) by etebalfana
Digital Art
Bonfire + link on video by GeiYin
The last barrier by GeiYin
Sigrun by ThroughTheDiscord
Stupid useless thing... by frostykittyzem
Traditional Art
Lalli by CeceLameQueen
Game on by Talimee
Game Paused by Talimee
Snapshot by Talimee
Poetry Literature
Crafts Sculpture
Cleansers' Cat by Helle-de-Gaard
One was the Moon, the other Sun was gold by Helle-de-Gaard
Emil  - Join Now! by Helle-de-Gaard
Lalli with luonto by Helle-de-Gaard
Stand Still Stay Silent Cosplay: Crew photo by GeiYin
Stand Still Stay Silent Cosplay: Reading by GeiYin
SSSS Cosplay: It'll be okay by GeiYin
SSSS Cosplay: A mess by GeiYin
aRTD Translation Castillian
aRTD - Spanish (Castillian) - esc04 by srkalabaza



Greetings all Minnions,

From June 18th-24th we will be holding our very first aRTD week alongside the SSSS forum… .

We all love SSSS of course, but it's nice to get an excuse to enjoy Minna's older comic, and we hope that a lot of you will have fun taking part. There is a prompt for each day of the week, which you can interpret as you wish, and participants may submit as many or as few as they want to, and in any creative medium they feel comfortable in (art, craft, writing, cosplay, music, interpretive dance, etc. ).

The prompts are:
June 18th - Practice
June 19th - Fire
June 20th - Dream Catcher
June 21st - Excuses
June 22nd - Snow
June 23rd - Accidentally
June 24th - By starlight

Anyway, we hope you have fun, and look forwards to seeing what you create!!!
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Ratshaman Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Now also on RedBubble:…
Ratshaman Featured By Owner Edited Mar 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Look what i did! LOOOOK!:…;… XD

...The funny t-shirts will hopefully follow later...
Ratshaman Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
All Glory to the Overlady! Praised be... with humble birthday offerings of chocolate and kittens! 
cvrryspice Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Student General Artist
helloooooo! i'm curry! i've been very active in this fandom (mainly on the forums and a bit less so on tumblr) since about march and i've followed the comic since january! i draw a lot and i've cosplayed a bit in the past, but i'm not so sure about whether i'll go all-out for the real uniforms! i have no doubt that the community on DA is just as lovely as everywhere else and it's nice to meet you guys (๑╹ڡ╹๑)
Ratshaman Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Good News Everyone! *in professor Farnsworth's voice* I just got my book and guess what... on one of the brown tape bands used to pack it, there was a hair stuck to it... A very nordic looking long hair! There is no doubt that it is The Hair of the Overlady herself! Now we can clone her!

I'm going to put the hair into a glass vial and I hereby declare it the first official Minnion relic (and myself the Head Custodian of Relics and Reliquaries - because nobody claimed that title yet). Praised be Minna the Overlady!
Treyva Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
I just got my book yesterday and it was devoid of any such gifts. Woe is my plight for I know not what I have done to be spurned in such a manner. But I'll rejoice that one of us has been so blessed and will acknowledge their position as Head Custodian of relics and Reliquaries. 
Siddaki Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OK, I just joined! Hello everyone (though I know most of you already).
I suppose I'll introduce myself like SigridMarie did below. :D
I've been an active reader and commenter (under a different name) on aRTD since about the middle of chapter 5. Of course I've also been reading SSSS since its beginning, though I no longer comment as often. I'll probably post some fanart sooner or later. I look forward to talking to you all. :)
SigridMarie Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello, I just joined the group :3
I guess I'll go ahead and introduce myself...? 
My name is Sigrid, and as you can probably tell, I'm from Scandinavia (Norway, Bergen, to be more specific). I haven't had the time to make any good fanart yet, but I plan to ;3 Oh, and if anyone has any questions about the Norwegian language, or any questions about the country really, I'll be more than happy to answer!
Looking forward to getting to know you guys, you all seem like a lovely bunch c:
Treyva Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Best way to get to know your fellow Minions seems to be to comment on their submissions and if inclined to check out some of their other work. Like Ladyaway and Neboveria do some really cool Dragon art and Sasiadragon has written a novel. Also quite a few of the group do a lot of poetry. Of course this is no surprise to anyone who has been reading the comments of aRTD and SSSS. 
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